JDRF/WT DIL: Data Access Agreement - revision history

Version 2.3, 30th September 2015:

Amended to cover a wider range of anonymised individual-level human subject data.

Version 2.2, 27th July 2007:

We received an application with various clauses struck through, which suggested the applicant was treating this agreement as an MTA. It is not meant to be an MTA, but is more like a non-negotiable licence, and we added an extra paragraph to that effect, with a little explanation. We trust this will not cause additional confusion.

Version 2.1, 7th October 2005:

With prompting from our colleagues on the NCDS (aka 1958 British Birth Cohort) we clarified section 6 of the Agreement, to preclude passing of Data to other Registered Users in the same Institution. We have asked researchers to register individually all along; this will improve accountability by allowing us to monitor whether existing Registered Users are taking up new datasets.

Version 2, 14th February 2005:

The access agreement we put in place at the end of 2003 has been relatively well-received - in that 18 groups have successfully applied for and received data, with another 10 requests being discussed without release of data.

However, there are two usage scenarios that we would like to accommodate and encourage more explicitly:

We've also taken the opportunity to tidy up a few other clauses.

Version 1, 19th December 2003:

First official release.

Draft 7, 3rd December 2003:

Substantially revised and clarified in the light of legal advice from the University of Cambridge's Research Services Division.

Draft 6, 22nd October 2003:

Removed request for statement on purpose of research.

Draft 5, 21st October 2003:

Draft 4, 19th September 2003:

Posted for comment.

Draft 3, 4th June 2003:

That this agreement is not about samples was made explicit.

Draft 2, 3rd June 2003:

Draft 1, 23rd May 2003:

Initial draft.